White collar crimes

Our law firm, Budusan & Associates, assists its clients – companies and their management (administrators, managers, shareholders, stokeholders etc.) by providing legal assistance and represenation services both in court and outside the courtroom in criminal cases related to economic crimes or other crimes covered by criminal business law. We represent suspects or defendants, aggrieved or civil parties, as the case may be.

We defend the interests of our clients in all matters related to criminal cases a company, or its management, may be involved in. We handle criminal cases related to tax evasion (Law 241/2005) and we represent our clients from the very beggining, namely when the tax inspection report is drawn up by the tax authorities, but also cases related to corruption crimes and other associated crimes such as misuse of European funds (crimes against the financial interests of the European Union – Law 78/2000).

Moreover, we assist our clients in fraud cases (including insurance fraud), embezzlement, forgery and use of forgery, crimes committed by administrators to the detriment of the company, mismanagement, simple or fraudulent bankruptcy, theft, bank fraud, starting or adhering to an organized crime group, cyber-crimes, bribery, lobbying, conflict of interests or misappropriation of funds.

We make sure that the hearing of our clients takes place only in the presence of an attorney to prevent criminal justice abuse and to ensure an effective defence against any criminal charge. Moreover, the hearing of all the other parties involved in such criminal cases or of any significant witness, and any criminal prosecution action regarding one of our clients, shall be carried out only in the presence of one of our lawyers to ensure the effective defence of our clients’ interests.

Due to the fact that each criminal prosecution is different from every other, each defence strategy is developed by our lawyers together with the client. Our criminal defense attorneys will work carefully on each case to make sure that no part of the client’s story can be challenged by facts.

Moreover, a significant part of our legal activity focuses on crime prevention. Therefore, we offer our clients legal advice in matters related to their daily activity or to certain transactions in order to try to prevent as much as possible any future misinterpretation of a client’s intentions, good-faith or the legality of his actions.

Being involved in a criminal case is a sensitive matter.That is why Budusan & Associates would like to assure you that our team of criminal defense attorneys will act astrustworthy, coherent and valuable parter, dedicated to protecting your interests throughout all stages of a criminal prosecution case.

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