Given the continuous economic and social development, the buying and selling of products and services over an electronic network is a modern method of trading that is preferred by an increasing number of suppliers and customers.

The online environment is constantly generating novel legal issues and challenges, while the needs of our clients are constantly changing. Therefore, our lawyers will help you keep the pace by providing legal advice and assistance in all matters related to electronic commerce such as the selling, buying or exchange of products or services over electronic networks.

We assist our clients from the early stages of their business that is from the setting up of their company, choosing the right line of business in order to match the business activities to be performed, to the registration and amendment of rights over domain names.

An important part of our services are directed towards assisting clients and establishing the legal relationship based on which a business activity is to be performed, by complying with all applicable legal norms in terms of the obligations of service providers and of the rights of consumers.

Therefore, we offer full legal support in matters such as the drafting of terms and conditions that include the information service providers must supply to consumers, the right and obligations in e-commerce agreements, especially those related to the protection of personal data and consumer protection.

Moreover, we make sure that our clients’ businesses are constantly growing and therefore we provide the legal framework of relationships between them and their business partners by drafting and assisting clients in signing partnership agreements, marketing and publicity agreements, barter or external delivery agreements or electronic payment agreements.

Furthermore, our attorneys provide litigation services for those who seek acknowledgment of their breached rights and we carry out all legal proceedings to prevent future breaches and we take measures against the caused damages.

The Internet has a significant impact on all aspects of life but also on the continuous development of e-commerce and therefore our lawyers act as a reliable partner, oriented towards meeting the interests of our clients and the growth of their businesses.

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