Restructuring & insolvency

In the last few years an increasing number of companies have experienced financial distress. Therefore, the chances for a company’s commercial partners (creditor or debtor) to be involved in a pre-insolvency or insolvency proceeding have grown considerably.

For an effective management of a client’s relationships with companies experiencing financial distress and for maximizing the chances of any debt collection proceedings, our law firm assists its clients throughout insolvency proceedings, including with preparing and filing motions related to any such proceedings (motion to start insolvency proceedings, motion to approve receivables, dispute of creditors’ list, dispute of the measures approved by the official receiver or trustee, determining the liability of management).

Moreover, we represent our clients’ interests and we handle their relations with official receivers, trustees, creditors’ assemblies and committees, which are all decision making bodies that influence the outcome of the procedure and the chances of collecting receivables.

On the other hand, our law firm assists debtors in overcoming financial difficulties and that includes extrajudicial proceedings such as debt restructuring and pre-insolvency proceedings: ad-hoc mandate and arrangements with creditors.

If deemed necessary, our lawyers will assist debtors throughout insolvency proceedings, working together with official receivers or trustees to make sure that such proceedings are carried out in accordance with the law and that the interests of shareholders and administrators are well looked after.

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