Property Law

Budusan & Associates offers its clients a wide variety of legal advices services in all matters related to the development of real estate projects including, but not limited to, carrying out due diligence on a property and preparing a title report; assisting clients during negotiations with landowners and banking institutions in case clients need to raise outside financing; execution of agreements such as simple leases, purchase – sale agreements, exchange agreements and any other deeds granting rights over lands or buildings (concession agreements, lease, superficies, easement rights, beneficial interests, right of users etc.).

Budusan & Associates has assisted a significant numbers of real estate developers in taking over partially executed residential projects from company experiencing financial distress and offers legal advice throughout all stages of such a project, from its development and up to the selling phase.

Our lawyers get involved in a variety of ways including liaising with the Land Registry. We offer assistance in all matters related to the permanent or temporary registration of ownership or of other real rights, acknowledgement of rights, deeds or other legal relationships, deregistration of rights, motions to correct land registry material errors, motions to review registrations and other land registry operations.

Moreover, Budusan & Associates provides litigation services in all matters related to real estate law such as general complaints, motions to correct land registry errors, motions for the acknowledgement of ownership, motions for the recovery of possession, acknowledgement of real rights, delimitation of property boundaries, mandatory purchases, evictions, motions for the acknowledgement of a right for cause – adverse possession or accession, demolishment of constructions and works etc.

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