Public Procurement

Given the high number of awarding entities that are willing to spend significant amounts of money from national or European resources, public procurement projects have become more and more present in the daily lives of our clients’ businesses.

Moreover, closing a public procurement agreement or a public-private partnership could represent a significant step in the development and marketing of a business and could undoubtedly ensure the revenues of a company for a certain period of time. Nevertheless, it is essential to follow certain strict procedures so as to be able to obtain and execute a public procurement agreement, which is something that most businesses tend to avoid. However, those who are not afraid to deal with the laws on public procurement, most of the times seek the advice of specialists.

We have created a special department to help our clients in all matters related to public procurement contracts. Our specialized lawyers will advise and assist you throughout all stages of a public procurement procedure including, but not limited to, preparing tenders, attending the selection process, but also during the execution of the public procurement contract, regardless of its nature – supply of works, services or goods.

Our law firm provides legal advice for the negotiation, conclusion and execution of public procurement agreements, but also general legal advice on the interpretation and enforcement of public procurement regulations.

Our work begins way before the actual start date of a public procurement agreement. Usually, the first step would be to identify various business opportunities for our clients in SEAP (Public Procurement Electronic System) and in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJ). Once the decision to participate to a public procurement procedure, we request clarifications if necessary to make sure that we have all the necessary pieces of information.

We work closely with experts for preparing tenders, including technical and financial bids, so as to point up our clients’ capacity, know-how and skills. Other times, we only review the tenders prepared by clients to make sure they are according to the legal requirements and we supply clarifications requested by any public authority.

The execution of a public procurement contract is not an easy assignment and therefore we advise clients throughout all stages of the execution process, including the signing of any addenda to such agreements.

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