IT Law

This fast-paced industry is a constant challenge for the legal framework. Information technology (IT) and any related activities require knowing a wide variety of legal norms: intellectual property law, labor law, tax law, corporate law and a thorough knowledge of EU and international norms.

Budusan & Associates has extensive knowledge in this field and offers assistance to major national and local IT players.

Our expertise enables us to be ahead of our competitors and provide creative solutions tailored to the diverse and challenging needs of our clients who operate in this dynamic field. We understand how important it is to deliver practical solutions as required by our clients and to anticipate any legal problem that might arise in this fast-paced business sector.

Whether you are planning to start a new business or develop an existing one, to create software solutions for local or foreign clients, to develop a new app, to deliver IT services or start an online shop, our attorneys are here to offer you the required legal advice and assistance and help you achieve your business goals.

Our lawyers are experienced in preventive law and can therefore provide assistance services so as to anticipate and prevent future legal problems. Moreover, our team of IT lawyers will assist and represent you and your company both in court and outside the courtroom in all matters related to the Information Technology (IT) sector.

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