Energy Law

Budusan & Associates assist and advises companies on the most important issues affecting petroleum, electric, eolian, gas and other natural resources energies. Our attorneys provide legal advice throughout all stages of power generation projects – implementation and development.

In regard to the energy industry, we offer our clients legal advice for project development, trading of energy on any regulated market and various other transactions. Moreover, we represent our clients in court but also outside the courtroom and we assist them for the signing of any agreement related to this sector.

As for the renewable energy (green energy), we offer our clients legal advice in all matters related to project implementation and we represent their interests at any local or national authority. Our legal services include, but are not limited to, legal advice throughout all stages of a project, mergers, acquisitions and funding. In addition, our lawyers will make sure that your projects are in accordance with any applicable laws and regulations.

Moreover, we will assist you throughout all stages of any required procedures including, but not limited to, negotiation and signing of contracts with your business partners. We will make sure that your rights are not breached in any way, that government agencies act in accordance with the law and that the course of action is transparent and leaves no room for interpretations.

In addition, our law firm’s area of expertise includes legal advice and representation of clients in all matters related to litigation. We work closely with companies specialising in energy subsidies and therefore we can provide funding information and help you stay in front of the changes that are constantly shaping this industry.

Budusan & Associates provides a full range of legal services to businesses operating in the energy sector. Our extensive experience that covers a wide variety of areas allows us to act as your partner and provide business-oriented solution that are in accordance with the legal requirements. The energy industry is being constantly shaped by inovation and therefore our efforts are oriented towards adapting these latest technologies to the interests and needs of our clients.

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