Debt collection & foreclosure

In debt collection matters creditors must act with speed and efficiency. It is widely known that the chances to collect a debt are higher shortly after such a debt becomes outstanding. Once a debt becomes outstanding, and the debtor fails to pay it, it is recommended to act by making use of all means provided by the law.

Therefore, our lawyers will assist you at every step in the process, including during extrajudicial negotiations between creditors and debtors. Moreover, this phase also includes drafting and delivering preliminary summons and notices to debtors.

Our lawyers will assist you at every step of the way, supporting the interest of its clients in court, by filling court actions such as: payment claims; small track claims; general court actions; motions for precautionary measures (seizure, garnishment) and motions for seizure by legal process. We assist and represent our clients in courts of general jurisdiction and in arbitration courts so as to benefit of expedite procedures and to suppress tactics used by debtors to deliberately protract or delay any debt collection proceedings.

Furthermore, we offer comprehensive representation to clients in foreclosure matters. In handling such matters, our lawyers focus on the proper execution of foreclosures by expediting any operations related thereto and by adhering to foreclosure laws. Moreover, we offer court representation for any additional or incidental procedure related to foreclosures: appeals againts foreclosures, opposition proceedings, deferement proceedings, garnishment validation, special assignment proceedings.

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