Fiscal & Tax Law

A broad understanding of fiscal & tax laws and their flawless and effective enforcement by businesses will invariably generate economic advantages. Therefore, we offer our clients assistance and legal advice in fiscal matters and we provide specialized services covering all relevant issues businesses have to deal with in their daily activity.

On the other hand, a company’s relationship with tax authorities may often represent a constant source of uncertainty, risks and unforeseen difficulties. Therefore, we assist, represent and support our clients in managing effective relationships with any revenue services. In case of tax controls, our attorneys will make sure that such revenue services act according to the law and that any legitimate interest of our clients is well protected.

Moreover, our law firm offers assistance and representation in effectively managing disputes of official documents issued by taxation authorities (tax inspection reports, notices of assessment, demands for payment and enforcement titles), both in court and outside the courtroom, and disputes of distraint proceedings (seizures, garnishments), but also in effectively managing the collection of any sums of money that were charged by revenue services in contradiction to the law.

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