Antitrust & Competition

Competition law has become an extremely dynamic and of high relevance sector and therefore we believe that it is necessary to review all applicable competition regulations before building a practice, marketing or development strategy for your company. Any business (whatever its legal status, size and sector) needs to be aware of competition laws, regardless if they are national competition rules or European competitions laws.

Competition law is vast and complex and therefore a broad understanding of all applicable norms is essential so as to avoid pecuniary, civil or criminal sanctions. Companies and businesses need to compete fairly with each other and competition rules are meant to offer protection against unfair trade.

Budusan & Associates offers its clients clear and commercially astute advice on all competition law related matters. Our team will represent you before the Competition Commission but also in court whenever required.

Our lawyers are experienced in handling the full range of competition matters and therefore they work closely with each of our clients in order to prevent and avoid antitrust problems and violations. We can offer you creative solutions tailord to your company’s needs.

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