Contraventional law

Economic agents may often find themselves in difficult situations resulting from their relations with the Territorial Labour Inspectorate, the Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Department, the State Inspectorate for Road Traffic Control, etc. Such situations may often end with the issuance of a report on the offence committed and penalties incurred.

Our lawyers offer specialized legal advice in all matters related to contraventional law: legal framework of all contraventional penalties, persons authorized to acknowledge an offence and to order a contraventional penalty, classification of the penalty according to the social impact of the deed, procedure for the communication of the report, procedure for the appeal of the contraventional penalty.

Our team also deals with the appeal of such reports on the offence committed and penalties incurred in consideration of their legality and grounds. We provide legal assistance and representation in court in case of contraventional complaints, in courts of first instance but also in courts of appeal.

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