Marian Bota


“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view.”

Marian Bota is one of those attorneys Marian Bota - avocat consultant si pledant who is using his creativity, critical thinking and abilities to persuade others in order to successfully promote the interests of those whom he represents.

He has continually developed those abilities that all lawyers need to possess, attending to various mock trials. At present, he is drawing advantage from the experience he has gained in order to obtain excellent results.

He is a practicing attorney and offers legal advice in commercial law (debt recovery, foreclosure), summary offence law, family law and contentious-administrative law.

In family law, his practice focus is international divorce, having successfully managed several such divorce cases.


– English

– Italian

– Romanian

Practice areas

Litigios y Arbitraje
Interpretación de contratos
Divorcio Internacional
Insolvencia internacional
Ejecuciones forzosas
Propiedad intelectual

Articles & Books

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