Data protection – GDPR

The protection of personal data is a fundamental right recognized to every European citizen and guaranteed by the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. The national legislation on data protection – Law 677/2001 – includes European regulations in this regard.

The processing of personal data is allowed only in certain strict and limited conditions, expressly provided by the law. Therefore, Budusan & Associates advises clients on all aspects related to the protection of personal data.

Therefore, our activity is oriented towards assisting clients throughout all stages of data protection procedures including, but not limited to, drafting notices for the processing of personal data and submission to the National Agency for Personal Data Protection, registrations in the registry of personal data operators and establishing all required measures for ensuring and securing rights in all matters related to the processing of such personal data.

Given the significanceof data protection and the importance to protect the special rights recognized to all citizens in this regard, a significant part of our activity is oriented towards informing our clients on their rights and obligations as personal data operators.

Therefore, our specialised lawyers will assist and advise you at every step of the way, especially for choosing the right measures for the collection of personal data: categories of personal data, preliminary terms and conditions for personal data collection, personal data collection methods, purposes of collecting data etc. Clients need to be informed on all the aforementioned aspects prior to any processing of personal data to make sure that all terms and conditions provided by the law are observed by any data controller and that the rights of individuals whose personal data are being collected and processed are not breached in any way.

Moreover, our data protection team advises clients on all data protection issues by paying particular attention to the protection of the rights recognized to personal data operators and by preventing any personal data breaches. Therefore, our law firm provides legal advice for disputing decisions issued by specialised government agencies including, but not limited to, drafting appeals and representing clients in court and outside the courtroom.

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