Civil Law

Civil Law represents the corner stone of each legal fact or act, regulating in detail the property law which further represents the essence of every lawsuit.
Most fields of the law, beginning with the business law and even the family law have principles regulated in the civil law. This is the reason why all our lawyers are thoroughly prepared in this field, but also because a lack of adequate preparation would hinder the practice of law.

The main activities in this field are:


  • recovery of caused damages
  • court representation in case of real estate disputes (real estate claims, expropriations, evacuations, picket of plots, cancellation of works, partition – determining the community) successions
  • acquiring rights or forcing third parties to comply with their contractual obligations

Legal advice:

  • signing purchase, sale or exchange contracts or any kind of legal documents, the object being that of obtaining rights over lands or buildings of any kind and which are still in the civil, agricultural, industrial, commercial or rental division (including the concession, lease, superficies, rights of way, usufruct, etc.)
  • verification of property titles in case of real estate goods
  • assistance in developing real estate projects
  • any other legal advice activities in the real estate field