Our principles & goals

Our lawyers share the same values when it comes to equity and to their relation with the law firm’s clients.
In order to provide the best solution to their problems, our lawyers work as a team, their efforts aiming towards a common purpose: Client satisfaction

For many of our clients our team is a partner, an inseparable part of their business. It is with great seriousness that we undertake the responsibility imposed by their trust. Our clients are satisfied with the services we provide and are more than willing to recommend us to their partners. Therefore, our clients are a guarantee that the value, quality and client-oriented services are the grounds of our activity.

Principles of our activity:

  • To reach the best results for our clients by providing practical advice tailored to their needs both in the field of legal advice and for their representation before any court.
  • To satisfy the needs of our clients through a range of services that cover most fields of the Romanian governing law.
  • To directly communicate with our clients, making sure that they are continuously informed on the development of their legal problems.
  • We pledge to remain loyal in the cases entrusted to us according to the strict rules of confidentiality that govern the lawyer-client relation.
  • It is not the duty of our clients to reach a full understanding of the Romanian law, the doctrine and the jurisprudence of the Romanian system. We have the responsibility to guide them through the dynamic and sometimes complicated world of the Romanian legal norms.
  • We are proud to be lawyers, to have a noble profession which we serve by remaining loyal to the oath we took when we decided to embrace this profession.
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