Roxana Talpeș


“It is the spirit and not the form of law that keeps justice alive.”

Roxana Talpeș Lawyer Roxana Talpes is a graduate of the Faculty of Law within the UBB “Babeș Bolyai” University of Cluj-Napoca, where she also attended the Master’s degree programme “European and National Business Law”.

A Cluj Barmember ever since 2013, Roxana has granted specialist legal assistance in private law to natural person clients and trading companies alike, and at present she can submit proposed findings and statements at any court level.

The knowledge she has acquired including from collaborations with prestigious law firms of Cluj-Napoca has consolidated into the following fields:

  • Actions of compelling public institutions to payment of damages following failure to fulfil the legal obligations incumbent upon them according to the Romanian Constitution or the ECHR. As an example, Roxana has represented along her career natural person clients in trials with the Ministry of Interior, General Inspectorate of Romanian Police, Special Telecommunications Service, National Health Insurance House, National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices, Ministry of Health, National Association of Mountain Rescuers of Romania, ROMSILVA.
  • Insurance law—advice and representation in court of insured individuals and businesses for enforcing their rights against insurers or the Policyholders Guarantee Fund, accordingly,to pay compensation for damage caused to insured goods, injury of the body or in case of death.
  • Banking law—advice and representation in court of consumers in their relationship with the Bank, negotiating terms and conditions of credit contracts, annulment of abusive clausesin court (risk charge, management fee, early repayment charge), representing consumers in payment in lieu lawsuits.
  • Labour law— assisting both employees and employers with disciplinary proceedings, support and representation in court of employees for appeals against dismissals.
  • Forced execution and debt recovery proceedings.
  • Contract obligation and delinquent liability actions.
  • Corporate law—company insolvency, attracting executive liability,exclusion from partnership.
  • Actions deriving from violations of Law 11/1991 (unfair competence), assistance and representation in court of individuals sanctioned by the Competition Council based on Law 21/1996.


– English
– Romanian

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Practice Areas

  • Civil & Commercial contracts
  • Human rights – litigations
  • Banking law
  • Labour law
  • Regaining Romanian citizenship
  • Division of the estate
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