Diana Flavia Barbur


“Law is mind without reason.”

Flavia Barbur has over 15 years of experience Diana Flavia Barbur in the legal field and all through this period she has accepted challenges in areas of practice such as family law, labour law, civil law, summary offence law and criminal law. She is also involved in the daily management of the law firm’s activities.

In family law, her practice focuses are divorce litigation and division of property, exercise of parental authority, child custody and visitation, paternity issues, including assistance during mediation.

In civil law, she represents clients in matters related to tort and agreement liability, assists clients in litigations related to agreement execution and cancelation and estate/inheritance division. Moreover, she offers legal advice and contract drafting services.

In criminal law, she represents and assists clients (plaintiffs / aggrieved parties) in criminal litigations, during criminal proceedings and before any court.

In administrative law, she deals with vehicle and pollution tax claims and registration of vehicles without payment of such taxes.

In labour law, she offers legal advice in matters related to the conclusion, execution, amendment and termination of labour agreements, addenda to such agreements.


– English

– Romanian

Practice areas

Family law

أولا. تقسيم الأملاك

Civil law

قانون الأسرة

Criminal law

Administrative law

Labour law

Assistance during mediation

Debt recovery European order for payment

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